AFL Run Pacific Harbour 2024


Come run in Fiji’s adventure capital

6th April 2024

more than just a running race

We are back in 2024 with our 4th annual run in in Pacific Harbour!

AFL Run Pacific Harbour 2024 is about community. It is open to everyone aged 14 and over to participate, from serious runners, those up for a new challenge, groups of friends, and families and individuals.

Building on the success of previous events, and driven by a common purpose, the Suva Marathon Club is working towards organising more running events, complete with training programs and monthly runs and time trials in Suva.

The countdown has begun for AFL Run Pacific Harbour 2024 which will be held on 6th April 2024.

Registrations are now open, and you MUST register to participate in the race.

our proud partners and sponsors

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